For him

The funny bunny for him.

Ο μοδάτος κούνελος και για εκείνον!

You can just express your feelings. A personalised gift is always the best way to send your  greetings!

Ενα προσωπικό δώρο για εκείνον είναι ο καλύτερος τρόπος για να εκφράσεις τις ευχές σου! Τόσο μοναδικό, τόσο δυσεύρετο που γίνεται πολύτιμο!

For the grandpa with love!

Επειδή έγινες παππούς, με αγάπη!

Small vides poches, customised and simple, best idea for him.

Τασάκια για όλες τις χρήσεις και για εκείνον. Απλό αλλά απόλυτα προσωπικό …. “υποψιασμένο” δώρο.

The absolute personalised piece of art – hand painted coffee mug for him!

Personalised hand painted coffee mug for him.

One more coffee mug hand painted and specialised for him!

Hand painted coffee mug. A special personalised gift for him!

You asked it, we did it! Personalised hand painted ashtray with his initials!

What is his favorit hobby? This is what makes this hand painted coffee mug  into a special gift!